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The Beneath the Underground database features entries of over 400,000 individuals including, white and black, slave owners, enslaved and free individuals from primarily the years of 1830 through 1880 to review. Listed below are the record series currently searchable online. Click on the record series name to view the titles available in that record series. Click on the record title for more detailed information on the record series or the individual titles. To search title names and title level description fields, enter your search term(s) in the text box below.

Please note, for the Advanced search leaving the gender box blank may result in additional returns. Female or Male was not always indicated on the document or entered into the database, and limiting a search by gender may block entries where no gender was given. Click Clear to start a new search.

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Stanley RoseJackson JohnDOM401845-03-15Details
Nash AndrewJackson StephenDOM371815-12-04Details
James MaryJames IsaacDOM171819-05-17Details
RittaJames IsaacDOM171815-04-04Details
Henson ThomasJenifer BenjaminDOM321856-06-21Details
Jenkins Mary AnneJenkins FrancisDOM281857-09-21Details
VirginiaJenkins FrancisDOM211848-07-13Details
Willson Maria JaneJohnson DulcenaDOM401857-08-01Details
RoseJohnson EzekielDOM251817-06-18Details
Manoke CharityJones JamesDOM391850-04-23Details
Stanley ElizabethJones MaryDOM401854-03-13Details
Malun MintyJones JohnDOM261856-08-16Details
Keene HarrietJones JohnDOM341858-08-09Details
LiverpoolJones JohnDOM371824-01-22Details
Kier BobJones William WDOM431832-03-01Details
SinaJones Thomas CDOM281846-07-17Details
Murray TerryJones Thomas CDOM301861-09-05Details
Jackson LinahJones JamesDOM351859-10-08Details
SarahJones LevinDOM201836-04-23Details
Jenkins HagarJones MaryDOM321857-01-05Details
CharlesJones Mary AnnDOM361853-06-09Details
NiceJones SarahDOM421826-12-03Details
Malun ReubenJones JohnDOM311857-03-16Details
Macer AnthonyJones JohnDOM361858-05-01Details
JohnJones LevinDOM281850-03-29Details
Douglass SophiaJones JamesDOM371847-06-28Details
Malun StephenJones JohnDOM321856-08-16Details
Malun JacobJones JohnDOM311859-04-27Details
Malum JeremiahJones JamesDOM361837-01-10Details
Stanley HarryJones Thomas CDOM471861-12-05Details
JacobJones LevinDOM321820-08-14Details
JackJones LevinDOM401845-03-30Details
Brown ElizaJones ElizabethDOM441848-02-03Details
VinsonJones ElizabethDOM311841-06-21Details
Jenkins FrancisJones LevinDOM401858-07-15Details
Naylor BenjaminJones JohnDOM311854-08-01Details
GeorgeJones LevinDOM281822-07-09Details
JacobJones ThomasDOM461842-06-30Details
Ferguson RichardJones JamesDOM371836-09-26Details
Henry HensonJones JohnDOM341858-08-09Details
Whales SusannahJoseph DOM601857-10-07Details
Elsey KitturahKeene Levin LDOM381860-04-17Details
IsaacKeene LevinDOM481812-03-10Details
Kennard KittyKeene JohnDOM431851-09-20Details
TillyKeene SusanDOM261815-09-01Details
HennyKeene SusannahDOM381819-06-10Details
AffieKeene LevinDOM301838-11-27Details
MariaKeene AmeliaDOM161831-03-08Details
MintyKeene SusannahDOM371812-12-10Details
Cornish DidoKeene LevinDOM331856-04-09Details