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The Beneath the Underground database features entries of over 400,000 individuals including, white and black, slave owners, enslaved and free individuals from primarily the years of 1830 through 1880 to review. Listed below are the record series currently searchable online. Click on the record series name to view the titles available in that record series. Click on the record title for more detailed information on the record series or the individual titles. To search title names and title level description fields, enter your search term(s) in the text box below.

Please note, for the Advanced search leaving the gender box blank may result in additional returns. Female or Male was not always indicated on the document or entered into the database, and limiting a search by gender may block entries where no gender was given. Click Clear to start a new search.

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Butler Samuel ThomasAdams LydiaFRM271851-08-28Details
Butler Henry AugustusAdams LydiaFRM251856-01-08Details
Fisher Mary CatharineAltern RezinFRM191859-07-16Details
Alteen Judy AnnAltern RezinFRM241859-07-16Details
Washington BeckArnold DavidFRM461824-08-16Details
JohnAshman NancyFRM371834-09-09Details
BenAshman NancyFRM341833-07-29Details
BenAshman NancyFRM 1833-07-29Details
JohnAshman NancyFRM 1834-09-09Details
Coale BenBaibel PeterFRM281837-02-06Details
Graham JacobBail PeterFRM381826-05-09Details
Coale BenBail PeterFRM 1837-02-06Details
JaneBair GeorgeFRM281818-01-04Details
Stanton GreenburyBaker FrederickFRM281860-05-17Details
SamBallard Thomas WFRM311811-09-02Details
James MaryBaltzell CharlesFRM251848-06-12Details
PresBaltzell CharlesFRM271844-05-25Details
Boman BedfordBaltzill CharlesFRM 1838-05-05Details
NellyBanick JacobFRM301840-04-27Details
Price CharlesBantz William SFRM301855-02-28Details
NannyBarnes ElizabethFRM421815-12-01Details
Poplar PeggyBarrick JacobFRM381819-07-31Details
NellyBarrick JacobFRM 1840-04-27Details
Barton James ABarton JamesFRM211861-01-05Details
Ross GeorgeBattrell CharlesFRM441836-02-27Details
Bomail BedfordBattrell CharlesFRM281838-05-05Details
Ross GeorgeBatzell CharlesFRM 1836-02-26Details
Porter MatildaBaugher IsaacFRM281848-07-25Details
Sarcener AbrahamBaugher CatharineFRM271851-06-17Details
Myers RachaelBaumgardner ElizabethFRM351851-11-06Details
Lee CharlesBayard John MFRM521822-04-30Details
Bush LewisBeale William MFRM241842-09-13Details
Murdock HenryBeale WilliamFRM 1842-09-10Details
Brown CarolineBeall MaryFRM261857-06-01Details
KittyBeall William MurdockFRM261841-04-19Details
RobertBeall William MFRM251850-01-09Details
JohnBeall William MFRM241841-02-08Details
Bowie MargaretBeall MaryFRM351856-10-29Details
HarrietBeall William MFRM201853-11-09Details
CasseyBeall William MurdochFRM181830-03-20Details
LucyBeall William MFRM451826-10-20Details
LucyBeall William MFRM451826-10-20Details
Snively LucyBeall William MFRM251846-04-14Details
RobertBeall William MFRM251830-01-27Details
JosephBeall William MFRM221840-04-06Details
EdwardBeall William MFRM281841-08-06Details
WilliamBeall William MurdochFRM281850-04-30Details
Garrison RalphBeall William MFRM431824-07-24Details
Garrison RalphBeall William MurdochFRM431824-07-24Details
PatrickBeall William MFRM291841-08-06Details