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The Beneath the Underground database features entries of over 400,000 individuals including, white and black, slave owners, enslaved and free individuals from primarily the years of 1830 through 1880 to review. Listed below are the record series currently searchable online. Click on the record series name to view the titles available in that record series. Click on the record title for more detailed information on the record series or the individual titles. To search title names and title level description fields, enter your search term(s) in the text box below.

Please note, for the Advanced search leaving the gender box blank may result in additional returns. Female or Male was not always indicated on the document or entered into the database, and limiting a search by gender may block entries where no gender was given. Click Clear to start a new search.

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HollidaySusannah ChewHarfordM39 Details
SusannahThomas ChewHarfordF27 Details
GeorgeThomas ChewHarfordM3 Details
SarahThomas ChewHarfordF1.50 Details
JudiaSusannah ChewHarfordF  Details
RodgerSusannah ChewHarfordM  Details
HannahSusannah ChewHarfordF  Details
ChargoSusannah ChewHarford   Details
LevySusannah ChewHarfordM  Details
JinSusannah ChewHarfordF  Details
DolSarah BondHarfordF  Details
RichardSarah BondHarfordM16 Details
FanneySamuel HarrisHarfordF  Details
TomberSamuel HarrisHarfordF16 Details
RachalSamuel HarrisHarfordF10 Details
VinceeSamuel HarrisHarford 8 Details
LiddiaSamuel HarrisHarfordF5 Details
PollySamuel HarrisHarfordF1 Details
DinahSamuel HarrisHarfordF25 Details
MeriahSamuel HarrisHarfordF7 Details
HenryHenry WillsonHarfordM  Details
SamHenry WillsonHarfordM  Details
PlatoHenry WillsonHarfordM  Details
IsaacHenry WillsonHarfordM  Details
NacyHenry WillsonHarfordM  Details
StephenHenry WillsonHarfordM  Details
JacobHenry WillsonHarfordM  Details
LondonHenry WillsonHarfordM  Details
AbrahamHenry WillsonHarfordM  Details
PrisHenry WillsonHarfordF  Details
CharlotteHenry WillsonHarfordF  Details
SueHenry WillsonHarfordF  Details
TowerHenry WillsonHarfordM  Details
Tolbert, PleasantJoseph Jacob WallaceHarfordM  Details
DickHenry WaltersHarfordM32 Details
AbigailHenry WaltersHarfordF18 Details
PatHenry WaltersHarfordF14 Details
HarryHenry WaltersHarfordM  Details
CesarHenry WaltersHarfordM8 Details
PhillisHenry WaltersHarfordF6 Details
SamSarah BallerHarfordM  Details
ClemHenry WilsonHarfordM5.60 Details
VilotHenry WilsonHarfordF0.80 Details
MaryFreeborn GarrisonHarfordF37 Details
FrancesFreeborn GarrisonHarfordF16 Details
RachelFreeborn GarrisonHarfordF18 Details
SarahFreeborn GarrisonHarfordF6 Details
MargetFreeborn GarrisonHarfordF3 Details
DamperJohn PeacockHarfordM20 Details
SallJohn PeacockHarfordF19 Details